NexoPOS 4.x – POS, CRM & Inventory Manager v4.8.10

NexoPOS - POS, CRM & Inventory Manager - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

NexoPOS 4.x is a POS System, CRM, and Inventory Manager, that aims to ease store management. With the included features, you’ll be able to monitor and see the growth of your store.

Detailed Inventory Manager

NexoPOS allows you to create unlimited products that can be handled on various units. Each unit has an isolated inventory that can be procured with purchase orders and sold. The inventory manager can be improved using the “Racks Manager” module available on the marketplace.

Cash Registers & History

NexoPOS 4x provides a cash register mechanism that allows you to virtually control your registers. Each transaction is recorded on an history that is available for a better control.

Flexible POS System

The point of sale screen has been made flexible so that it can be used on mobile and desktop. Using the configuration, you’ll be able to enable sound effects, disable discounts on products, configure taxes, define order type, enable quick products, keyboard shortcuts, enable support for barcode reader, merging similar products, printing and much more.

Multi Tax System

Regardless of the country you’re using NexoPOS, you can use the multi tax feature create taxes are it’s required by your tax legislation.

Normal & Recurring Expenses

Every business has expenses and some of those expenses are recurring every month. With NexoPOS 4x, you don’t need to register your expenses manually, you can create an expense based on a rent or an expense that is computed as your workers (cashiers) salary.

Customizable Receipts

While creating a custom receipt, you make sure to insert the information that are useful for your customers. It might be a thank you message or terms of return.

Accounting Journal

Every activity needs to have a follow-up on how cash goes in and out. With the accounting journal, you’ll be able to accurately the progress of your activity.

Reward System

Encouraging the loyal customers is a good practice nowadays. The best recommended way to encourage your customers is to use a reward system, where they earn points based on purchases.


Additionally to the rewards system, you can provide coupons to your customers. The coupon can also be used as a reward.

Instalments & Reminders

Not every customers will be able to pay an order at once. Sometime, they’ll need more time to pay their order on instalments. The instalment feature allows you to setup a multiple slices of payment for a specific order. Using the SMS Module, you’ll be able to remind your customers of due amount.

Customer Accounts (Wallets)

Each customers has a wallet that is used to store and pay orders. It’s a convenient way to allow users paying items on instalments. It’s also used to track due amount by your customers.


NexoPOS 4x is available in 8 languages including:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Arabic
  • Portuguese
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese

We’ve also make sure you can easilly translate NexoPOS into your language. Feel free to share those with us so that we can merge it to the core.

Media Manager

Upload your products images and manage them using the built-in media manager. You can bulk edit and delete them.Multi Roles & Users

You can create as many roles as you want. Each role has privileges that gives access to features. You can clone roles and customize the permissions as you want.
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