Lethe PHP Newsletter & Mailing System By Thunderfury v3.0 Nulled

Lethe PHP Newsletter & Mailing System - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Full Features


  • Easy Installation
  • Multi-User System
  • Multi Language (23 Language Inc.) and Language Editor
  • Bootstrap 5 Supported & Responsive
  • User Specific Theme Selection (16 Theme Inc.)
  • WYSIWYG Editor & Drag / Drop Design
  • API Support
    • Groups: Add / Edit / Remove / Get / List
    • Subscribers: Add / Edit / Remove / Get / List / Move / Blacklist
  • Static / Dynamic Short Codes
  • Advanced Graphical Statistics
  • File Manager (User specific file management)
  • RSS Feed & Web View Options
  • Single / Double Opt-in Verification
  • User permissions (Module usage restrictions)
  • Timezone support
  • Debug Mode
  • Submission simulations
  • Cronjob automation & manual cronjob management
  • Upload limits & file type restrictions
  • Browser based campaign submission
  • Surveys


  • Unlimited group creation
  • System groups (Blacklist, Ungrouped, Unsubscribed, Bounce)
  • Group merging
  • Bulk actions (Batch change information on the selected group.)
  • Blacklists 
  • Unregistered e-mails (Archives unsubscribed or problematic email addresses)
  • Import / Export
    • Classical imports (It retrieves data from different stored txt files.)
    • Advanced CSV imports (Drag/ Drop field selection)
    • Third party imports (Retrieves data from another databases.)
      • WordPress, Opencart, Prestashop, Magento, osCommerce, Joomla, phpBB supports
    • Advanced data exports (TXT & CSV supports)
  • Subscribing Forms
    • Bootstrap 5 & Semantic UI support
    • Success / Error message customization
    • Page redirection after successfully subscribing
    • Disable subscription
    • jQuery, jQueryUI, SweetAlert library imports (If the libraries are not available on the page the form is called.)
    • Unlimited fields (14 field type inc.)
    • Drag / Drop form builder
    • reCaptcha (google v2 & v3 inc.)
    • Add / Remove option
    • Customizable field validation errors
    • Regex pattern support
    • Customizable layout (table, horizontal, without labels etc.)
  • Subscriber specific graphical reports
  • Manual e-mail sender
  • Manual verification mail sender
  • Subscriber specific data views


  • Launch date settings (Send now or specific date)
  • Multiple group selection
  • Unlimited attachements
  • Campaign specific submission account selection
  • Preview and Tests
  • Campaign specific Sender / Reply E-mail customization
  • Run / Reset / Stop feature
  • Advanced reports (Clicks, opens, bounces, unsubscribes)
  • Productivity analysis (Campaign quality, loses, list quality etc)
  • Autoresponder
    • After subscription mails (after x date)
    • After unsubscription mails (after x date)
    • Specific date submissions (Selected weekdays and campign reset cycle)
    • Special date submissions (Sending e-mail on a special date for the subscriber. eg: birthday, invoice etc)


  • System templates (Already verified, error occured, no records, thanks, unsubscription, verification, password resets, survey)
  • Drag / Drop builder
  • Ready to use template downloader

Submission Accounts

  • SMTP, phpMail, Gmail & GAuth, SendGrid, Mandrill, Mailgun, Amazon SES, Elastic Email
  • Chained submission accounts (If the limit is exceeded, it will continue to send from the other account selected.)
  • Bounce mail controls (Customizable actions after bounce mail found. Delete / Move / Blacklist / Ubsubscribe etc)
  • Customizable bounce mail rules
  • DKIM
  • phpMailer, swiftMailer library options
  • Limit range options
  • User based submission account selection


  • Unlimited question and answers
  • Campaign / Subscriber based reports
  • Customizable success / error messages
  • Customizable themes


  • PHP 7.4+, MySQL 5.x
  • Curl Function
  • fopen, fileinfo, file_get / file_put .. functions
  • Writable files / folders
  • bcmath or gmp and sodium extension
  • random_bytes or random_pseudo_bytes functions
  • mod_rewrite extension


  • imap_open function
  • shell_exec access
  • post_max_size, upload_limit, script_execute_time modifications


  • fputcsv() function
  • mail() function


If you have trouble with Lethe, please use contact form in my profile. Don’t share your Lethe URL on comment area. Also if you sent directly mail about support request, please attach your purchase code in your message.


Before Purchase:

  • Lethe is not a plugin or blog. Demo front-end page just demo about Subscribe Forms and integration views (flash, custom forms etc). Do not expect full blog or website.
  • Please try to contact me before negative votes if you have trouble with Lethe. Lethe already passed beta-tests, but there too many servers available and server differences, hosting settings / permissions is not mean script faulty. Please contact me if you have trouble about usage I can optimize of your Lethe with your hosting settings if its possible.
  • Item support just contain error fixes and server-side mismatch controls. Customization is not included support.
  • The downloaded file cannot be refunded. Item requirements are clearly stated. If it is not suitable for your system, do not buy it.
  • Installation is not included in your support payment. If you want help with installation, please contact the author for the extra setup fee.

Extra Tools

Templates & Translation

You can download templates in your Template Loader section. We will update our template database periodically. Premium download system is not ready right now, PSD and HTML files will be downloaded when premium system activated.

We have use Google translation for multi-language system. Sorry for wrong translation but its would be great to edit your language files. Also thank you for sending us the language files you are editing.

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